Good food has always been a tool to bring people together. Aside from being a life source, it’s a comfort, and a feeling. I grew up in the kitchen of many family members. The first macaroni and cheese I ever ate was homemade, and I’ve been ruined for the boxed versions ever since. My father never shied away from grabbing whatever was in the pantry to concoct a new recipe; some successful, some not. My grandmother was a fan of the tried and true recipes, baking what’s been passed down through our family for years. My grandfather was a typical second-generation Italian-American, with a major skill for pasta and baking from memory.

I watched as they all took simple ingredients and made something that family and friends would gather together to enjoy. Over the years, I picked up a few tricks, inherited some family recipes, and began taking more risks in the kitchen. I found myself getting into a groove when I was working with food, and feeling a sense of accomplishment when I mastered something new. I often tell friends that baking is cathartic for me. Knowing that flour, egg and water can become a meal is truly amazing! I love discovering what happens when you mix and match, add a little heat, or substitute one ingredient for another. I fell in love with the art of making pastries, or any baked good for that matter.

By day I’m an creative working with an amazing team in Kansas City. I dabble in photography and calligraphy, and moonlight as a writer for a craft beer website. On evenings and weekends, I experiment in the kitchen. Somehow, my husband and I find time to fit in rock climbing. To say I love a project is an understatement. My husband began to urging me to document my kitchen endeavors, thus the creation of °BAKERY. Offsite, you can follow my food adventures on FacebookTwitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.

Degree Bakery KC