Aaaannnd we’re back…

Hello there…long time no see.

Apparently having a baby puts you in a constant state of time-travel. The last thing I remember was staggering around our tiny kitchen with a bump that caught most flour as it spilled. The next thing I knew, there was a toddler on my hip, and I’m drinking yesterday’s reheated coffee trying to get out the door for work. The blog sat dormant for well over a year. I finally shook off the time warp dust and decided to get back to having more fun in the kitchen, even if that meant a tiny pair of hands were trying to distract helping me.

The tiny sidekick has also become our Test Kitchen Manager, and she is one tough critic. Not to be confused with a picky eater she eats anything that comes her way. If it’s not prepared to her liking, she’s quick to turn up her nose. She also prefers variety. While I attempt to save time by making food in bulk, she will refuse consistency two days in a row. We’ve invested in a lot of freezer safe tupperware.I’ve picked up some pretty quick tricks to whip up some food on the fly, and I’ve even discovered some cool techniques and ingredients. I’ll be sharing them all here, so look forward to getting some real recipe updates very soon.

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